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Universal NuFit
Universal NuFit™ Trim Kits
The Quickest Way to a Brand-New Bath Drain, Bath Waste or Overflow. In just a few minutes you can install a sparkling, shiny new drain and stopper.
You don't even have to remove the old strainer body. No tools needed.
  • Does not extend down into the drain which means it can be used in almost any tub.
  • Not limited by inside diameter or depth of the strainer body.
  • Installs in Minutes!
Watco Innovator® Shower Drain
  • Includes patented Watco Innovator® orange test membrane.
  • Includes heavy-duty, snap-on grid
  • Includes E-Z grip installation tabs
  • Top piece is dark grey PVC. Bottom piece available in white PVC or black ABS.
  • Includes green cover.
NuFit™ Trim Kits
  • Simple. Quick. Straight-Forward.
  • Install a shiny new drain and stopper in minutes with Watco NuFit™ Trim Kit.
  • You don't even have to remove the old strainer body.
  • Easily upgrade the look of your bath drain without removing the strainer body.
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